Quality Control

Products And Wood Quality
We design and manufacture an all encompassing assortment of wooden furniture of different types of wood, designs and finishes.
Our range:
Bedroom furniture
Furniture sets
Indian handicrafts
Antique furniture
Household furniture
Home contemporary furniture
Hand painted furniture
Wall hangs


Types of Wood used: 

We use seasoned and chemically treated Sheesam wood. Other wood species like Mango, Acacia & 100% Teak can be used as per buyers’ choice. In the core of developing best characters in furniture remains the genuine quality wood. We carve a classic range of wooden furniture from the king of woods like: 

Shesham wood: Most popular hardwood for the sturdy and durable furniture.

Kikar wood (Acacia): Economic option for (shesham) 

Mango wood: Extensively used for painted and carved furniture

Teak Wood: Used for some specific items mostly outdoor furniture and on special demand.

    Seasoning & Treatment
    Wooden logs and planks are treated with Copper Chrome Arsenate in a high pressure chamber. Afterwards, they are seasoned & Kiln dried (30 days duration) to ensure moisture level between 8-12%, depending on thickness of board.
    It is sturdy, damage proof, sea-worthy and 100% waterproof. An item is covered by 150 gsm corrugated sheet, followed by Poly-urethane foam. Third layer is air-bubble sheet. Corners are especially protected by additional corners (7 mm thickness) to ensure damage free transportation. Then it is securely tied with plastic strip. Now the package is ready for shipment.
    At Knots, skilled craftsmen manufacture every product to perfection. We adhere to strict quality measures at every stage of production to ensure excellent quality. The team of craftsmen have expertise in their respective fields that can chisel out intricate products with utmost ease and can carve out products as per customer specifications. We have a quality-oriented and dedicated team of personnel that ensures flawless products at every stage. 
    The thorough inspection and immaculate visualization leads to a matchless selection of material and designs we are known for.