Knots manufactures its products in India, has its headquarters in London and warehouse in Hertfordshire. We have set ourselves the challenge of bringing a taste of India to Western homes and living spaces. Our products are lovingly hand-crafted according to traditional Indian artisanal techniques, and using superb quality materials, including mango wood, acacia wood, and sheesham wood. Let us introduce you to our wonderful family of woods:

Mango wood

India is home to the highest concentration of mango trees on the planet. The resulting mango wood has tightly packed grains, making it durable and sturdy, as well as giving it a distinct, smooth and velvety texture that is great for staining, polishing and coating; making it a much desired timber. Mango trees grow quicker than other, endangered woods like teak, making mango wood the sustainable option for the concerned consumer.

Acacia wood

Acacia wood is a fragrant timber which has a rich brown colour to its durable grain, making this hardwood an excellent material for wood furniture construction. Use of acacia wood in furniture making even goes back as far as Ancient Egypt. Very befitting for a company that pride ourselves in exploring the incredible cultural diversity of our beautiful lands.

Sheesham wood

 Sheehsam wood, also known as Dalbergia sisso or Indian rosewood, comes from evergreen rosewood trees native to the Indian subcontinent. Sheesham wood is heavy and dense, and is polished after felling, accentuating the timber's simply charming chestnut-brown grain.

Reclaimed wood, reclaiming our planet

Many of our items are assembled from reclaimed wood, which also has an important story to tell. Reclaimed wood is wood that has been repurposed from other items or has been salvaged from old buildings, or is destined for incineration. Our reclaimed wood is of the highest quality and full of personality and character. Not only that, but this is a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to furniture production. But we don't sacrifice quality for sustainability: our products help look after the planet whilst also looking stunning. At Knots we want environmental protection, sustainable practices and industrial ethics to be synonymous with high quality, unique furniture design, with an eye for aesthetics and fine detail.

We can provide seating, coffee tables and decorative pieces for your living room; dining tables, chairs and wine caskets for your dining room; artful storage boxes, colourful textiles, ornaments, accessories, and charming objet d'art for your bedroom and hallways, and so much more.