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Become a supplier to Knots 
The internet has created incredible opportunities for entrepreneurs, business minded people and manufacturers. It has helped to stimulate innovation and creativity and drive up business growth. Knots are always looking for talented individuals who have a great product to offer and want a platform to sell and grow their business. 
Become a supplier of Knots Products 
Knots are looking for retailers that may be interested in selling Knots product range in store or via the internet. Our products are very unique and will enhance any retailers offer and will help to achieve business growth. 
 Advertising Opportunities 
Knots will become an enjoyable shopping destination for millions of people looking to enhance their life style through taking pride in their purchases. We offer advertising opportunities and effective growth prospects for your business. We would love to talk to you about reaching your consumers while they are in the shopping mode through our carefully targeted advertising packages. 
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If any of the opportunities above are of interest to you, then please complete the form below to register your interest and put the relevant heading above in the subject box below. We look forward to hearing from you and hopefully working with you.