Asian Handcrafted Wooden Hand Chair

£180.00 incl.VAT

Add a touch of distinctive originality to your home with a handcrafted wooden hand chair. Each authentic Asian chair is entirely unique and made from selected pieces of sustainable tropical hardwood. The beauty of the grain pattern and rich depth of colour ensure this highly original chair has an air of luxurious elegance.

Original Design

The design of this impressive chair combines artistry, superb craftsmanship, elegance and even humour. It can easily become a striking focal point in any room. The seat is carved from a single piece of wood. It is discreetly contoured for maximum comfort and relaxation,
making it a pleasure to use. The gently curved back is cleverly fashioned to resemble the fingers of a hand. The single armrest forms the thumb. The shape of the unworked timber determines whether the armrest is positioned on the left or right-hand side of the chair. Each
of the fingers are different heights in a realistic interpretation of a hand. The chair is supported by a centralised block of contoured timber. To provide maximum strength and stability, the supportive stem is wider at the base.

Ecological Timber

The chair’s originality is further enhanced through its use of ecological, tropical hardwood. The timber is reliably sourced from a managed forest to ensure a minimal impact on the environment. Although there are several well-known tropical hardwoods such as teak and
mahogany, a popular choice is acacia. It is fast growing and has a distinctive variety of grain and colour. It frequently has a random, swirling grain in layers of bold, contrasting colours. These can range from light golden brown through to a rich chestnut. The beautifully polished surface contributes an elegant lustre to the fascinating variation in depth of colour and texture.

Work of Art

The sculptural elegance of each unique chair is highly artistic. Single chairs are individually handmade by local craftsmen in Bali using traditional woodworking skills that have been passed down from generation to generation. Every craftsman possesses unique artistic skills
that are reflected in the originality of each chair. Many carve embellishments such as fingernails and knuckles onto the reverse of the fingers. Even the individual fingers are carved according to the woodworker’s interpretation of a hand. Each finished chair is unique
in its styling and wouldn’t appear out of place in a modern art exhibition.

Size and Weight

Due to a combination of the timber’s natural shape and the artistic skills of the craftsman, the exact proportions of each chair varies between individual pieces of furniture. On average, the chair’s dimensions are approximately 88 centimetres in height and 50 centimetres in width. The depth measures around 45 centimetres. The weight also varies accordingly depending on the exact dimensions of the chair. However, as an item of furniture made from solid hardwood timber, its weight might be several kilograms.

Caring for Your Handmade Chair

Your beautiful Asian chair is suitable for indoor use only and needs very little maintenance. An occasional wipe with a damp cloth followed by buffing with a soft duster is all that is usually required to preserve its elegant appearance. Each handcrafted wooden hand chair is of a superior quality, enabling Knots Furniture to confidently provide a five year warranty. You have the reassurance that your chair is made from reliably sourced, sustainable timber to help protect the environment. Our promotion of Fair Trade practices aims to help improve the standard of living of the craftsman who produced your beautiful chair.

Dimensions 45 × 50 × 88 cm